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ALSO NARVIK Campaign/ Norway 1941-44

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Category: ID Cards, Autobahn & Reichsbahn
Type:  ID CARD
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Very interesting WH - Festungbau ID card to a front-line combat road construction engineer/operator who started out on the Reichsautobahn outside Berlin and traveled as far North as Narvik, Norway with the Einsatzgruppe Wiking and Norwegen under the Oberbauleitung units with the Organization Todt (1942-44) and also under the General Inspector for the Org. Todt. Last entry seems to be June 17, 1944

Booklet is 40-pages and many (15) are completely filled-in. Some pages have small paper attachments containing information pertinent to that section of the booklet. There are at least half a dozen different stampers designating different units, organizations, etc., as well as another half-dozen attachmentment-info stampings. Many signatures by various officers from different units as well. This man was very busy in his field of specialty and obviously well-respected for his knowledge and ability to get projects completed. The book has "Ausgeschieden" drilled through it so can be seen/read on every page.

Cover is worn (as this ID was to be carried at all times like a Soldbuch), but is sturdy, intact with VF+ contents and VG cover.

A very scarce and most interesting piece of history- especially for those who study/ research the Norweigian/ Narvik campaign.