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Wurtemberg-Hohenzollern Gau (Stuttgart, etc)

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Category: Volk Culture, Fests & Holidays, Books
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Great 7x9" hardback book entitled; "SCHWABISHES HEIMABUCH" , which was a current 1937 compilation of the Wurttenberg- Hohenzollern Gau comprised and published by the "Bundes fur Heimatschutz " (preservation of the countryside) of W-H Gau. Contains over 220+ pages with tons of great b/w photos, illustrations, blueprints, drawing plans/designs, new Reich memorials in the area, historically important art and sculptures (including many religious art covered extensively), etc.
Back of book has a generously detailed accounting of events and permanent attractions/sites and cultural centers. There is also a 50-page section in the back devoted to Jesus Christ and the Churches through the W-H Gau.
This is one of those books which, even if you cannot read German, there is enough photographic and illustrated material, charts, lists and such, to give the reader a good gist of the subject and the lay-of-the-land, as it were, of the Wurttemberg-Hohenzollen Gau in the Third Reich in 1937.