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1936 Special Contribution stamp

Stock # 1283
Category: ID Cards, DAF & RAD
Type:  STAMPS (& Feldposts)
Price: $98.00

TRi-fold (6-pg) cardboard ID-membership card to the Arbeits-Dank of the RAD- DAF (the equivalent today of horticulture-landscape architecture) of volunteer service (with grateful recognition expressed by the unique emblem). Card issued in 1935-36 and it's member was awarded with the Special Contribution Stamp in 1936 (a very scarce stamp in itself). It was an honor to be part of this small but highly specialized branch of the RAD and the very best of this group were sent to such prestigious places as Berchtesgaden, Munich, Nuremberg and Berlin (with Dresden close behind). If this fine-looking Aryan young man had the talent to match his features, he would be headed to these locations most assuredly, but the war probably interfered with whatever plans and dreams he may of had. I can help it- no matter how many of these ID cards I handle, I always wonder if the individual survived the war, and if so, hopefully not too damaged in health and spirit. A quite attractive card and a very, very scarce one too, in VF+.